General terms and conditions of sale

1) Object

These general conditions of sale are applicable between: SHIMBA OFFICIAL (BO) - Italy – Tel.: +39 366 2428966​ –
all the natural subjects defined under art. 18 of the consumer code as "consumer" who visit and who make a purchase on the website , hereinafter referred to as "User".

These terms and conditions shall identify the applicable terms and conditions to all orders sent by the user to Shimbaofficial, via computer, and present and future contracts concluded electronically to purchase products on

Specifically, the conditions govern all the steps leading to the conclusion of the telematic contract and the events that may later affect its conclusion.

Part of these terms is also reserved for the regulation of the contents of the website and rights, intellectual property, too.

Part of these Terms is also reserved for the regulation of the contents of the website and for the rights, including intellectual property, on the same.

The access to and use of this website as well as the purchase of the products on the same are based on the assumption that these general Sales Terms have been read and understood.

The use of the website implies, on the part of the User, the implied and irrevocable acceptance of these General Sales Terms.

This website is managed and maintained by Shimbaofficial and by its collaborators eventually.

General terms may be subject to changes or additions, but it is understood that the conditions applicable to the sale will be those in force at the date on which the order was forwarded by the User, at

The User declares that he has the ability to conclude this contract.

To purchase one or more products at, you must first create your own customer profile by giving your consent to the processing of your personal information.

The User will be responsible for any misuse or unauthorized use of and its contents. Therefore, Shimbaofficial will not be held liable for any use of the Site and its contents by the User in breach of these applicable laws or regulations in force or in any event not expressly authorized by Shimbaofficial in writing.

In addition, the User will be held responsible for any information or data that is incorrect, false or related to third parties (in the case where third parties have not given their consent), as well as for any misuse of such data or information.

2) Products

The products offered for sale by Shimbaofficial are those depicted on on the day of site consultation by the User.

The characteristics of the products offered for sale are described with the highest degree of precision possible. However, if errors or omissions in the presentation of products occur, they will not be charged to Shimbaofficial. In fact, the pictures and texts illustrating the products are of purely indicative value and have no contractual value.

3) Prices

Prices are in Euro / € and include VAT for the Private User, shipping costs are charged to the user. The indicated prices take into account the VAT applied on the day on which the order is forwarded. If the rate applied is changed, these changes may affect the price of the items, without the User being able to plead anything.

Shimbaofficial reserves the right to change its prices at any time. Products will be billed on the basis of the rates on the website at the time in which the order is registered.

4) Order

By sending the order the User declares:

  • Having known and accepting irrevocably the present general terms of sale, the order is valid as acceptance of the General Sales Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions for withdrawal.
  • expressly and irrevocably acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the products available for sale, as identified on and considered them complete and exhaustive.

The order will not be definitively sent and registered by shimbaofficial unless the order is sent and validated. Subsequently, the order is considered irrevocable and unmodified.

When signs up the order, it is anticipated that an email will be sent to the User. This email represents the confirmation that the order was taken over by Shimbaofficial. In the promotion and / or sales season, Shimbaofficial will evade orders received during the promotion or sales transaction until stocks are exhausted ("valid offer from... to... and up to the depletion of stocks ").

When a Shimbaofficial order is confirmed, it will be sent to the User in writing, meaning by e-mail (the contents of which must be stored on a durable medium), confirmation of the purchase, where the order information will be summarized (essential purchased products features, detailed price information, payment terms).

5) Payment Methods

The payment methods accepted by Shimbaofficial are: credit card debit (Visa, Mastercard) through Pay Pal or Bank Transfer.

Pay Pal (credit card): In the case of purchasing the goods with Pay Pal payment method, the charge is charged at the conclusion of the online transaction. The User hereby authorizes Shimbaofficial to charge "unless good end" the amount relating to the products purchased on the site through his / her credit card on his or her account.

Bank transfer: the method of payment by bank transfer (anticipated), provides that the order is evaded only after the payment by the user and receipt and bank availability of the transfer by Shimbaofficial. The data to make the bank transfer are displayed on the website, they are communicated to the Order Confirmation page and to the order confirmation email sent to the User. The reason for the transfer should include: order number, name and last name of the order holder.

In case of cancellation of the order by Shimbaofficial, Shimbaofficial will redeem it by bank transfer or, alternatively, through Pay Pal. The (sale) contract is intended to be "unless good end", that is to say, Shimbaofficial reserves the termination of the sales contract in the event that the payment of the payment has not been made. In this, pursuant to art. 1456 Cod.Civ. Italian, you may also terminate your relationship with the User by virtue of these terms. The delivery document, invoice or receipt will be placed in the package containing the ordered product and / or subsequently also sent in the electronic format.

The contract (sale) is understood to mean "unless good end", that is to say, Shimbaofficial reserves the termination of the sales contract in the event that the payment of the payment is not made. In this case Shimbaofficial, pursuant to art. 1456 Cod. Civ. Italian, may also terminate the relationship with the User by virtue of these terms.

The delivery or transport document (DDT) will be placed in the box containing the ordered product, invoice or receipt / receipt, can be placed in the box containing the product and / or subsequently sent in paper and / or electronic format according to the norm Of the law (Article 1 of Law 244/2007) The User will have the possibility, by having previously requested the invoice on the order, to print directly from the website in the "My Orders" session.

The User hereby authorizes Shimbaofficial to debit the amount of products purchased on the site through his / her credit card on his or her account and "unless good end".

6) Payment Security

In order to guarantee the security of payment, Shimbaofficial uses Pay Pal's secure payment for credit card, which adheres to the International Payment Compliance Standards (PCI-DSS) standards.

7) Shipping costs, terms and conditions of delivery

Except in cases of force majeure, the delivery terms will be as follows. Shimbaofficial can not be held liable for any delays in delivery, whatever the cause, except for serious or gross negligence. As a result, no claims for damages of any kind may be claimed by the User against Shimbaofficial. Shimbaofficial also offers the option of using shipping insurance. Shimbaofficial reserves the right to select the carrier.

Shipment costs are charged to the User unless expressly authorized by Shimbaofficial in writing (or even by e-mail).

Terms and conditions of delivery

Private User:

  • delivery to Italy, Calabria and Excluded Islands: by courier "GLS", at the cost of 6,90 € for shipment
  • delivery to Italy: Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia: by courier "GLS", at the cost of 8,90 € for shipment
  • delivery to Europe (European Union): by courier "GLS", at the cost of 23.90 € for shipment
  • delivery to Europe (Extra European Union): by courier "GLS", at the cost of 28,90 € for shipment
  • extra Europe delivery: via "GLS" courier, at the cost of 39,90 € for shipment
  • Shimbaofficial for some States reserves the right to communicate different shipping rates, not due to the will of the same but imposed by our courier

Reseller User:

  • delivery to Italy, including islands: via "GLS" courier, at a cost of € 13.90 per shipment
  • delivery to Europe (EU and Extra EU): by courier "GLS", at the cost of 29,90 € shipping
  • extra Europe delivery: via "GLS" courier, at a cost of 39,90 € for shipment
  • for some States Shimbaofficial reserves the right to communicate different shipping rates, not due to the will of the same but imposed by the "GLS" courier.


  • insurance (optional): 6x1000 on the net total of the order

Terms of delivery

Shipment in 48h for central areas, if goods are available in warehouse, 72 hours for decentralized areas.

There may be delays in deliveries that are not due to our responsibility but on production delays by our suppliers, so Shimbaofficial is not responsible for the delay in delivery.

8) Returns and Changes

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, No. 206 (Consumption Code), in compliance with Article 47 of the same decree, the User / Consumer will be able to exercise freely and manifesting expressly and expeditiously reasons, the right of withdrawal, within 7 days from the day of receipt of the purchased product, in accordance with art. 64 and 67 et seq. of the Consumption Code in the following terms:

  • change/replace purchased items

The reasons for the return/exchange must be motivated in writing and accepted by Shimbaofficial.

After the above deadline, the products delivered will be considered definitively accepted by the User, therefore Shimbaofficial reserves the right to refuse or accept from the User the relative change of the products.

Each item must be returned including all original labels, packages and accessories (whether sold as a single product or as a kit) received with the order.

In the event that the Customer receives defective merchandise or that Shimbaofficial shipment errors occur, it is required to follow the same instructions as above. Shimbaofficial reserves the right to request digital photographic evidence before authorizing return on defective merchandise and to charge shipping costs for returning goods to their premises.

Shimbaofficial reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns or otherwise not complying with all the conditions provided.

In these cases the merchandise will be returned to the sender at the original shipping address and shipping costs will be in customer's charge.

The User also has the option of replacing the product received with another article with equal or higher price.

Exercise of the item's return can only be done by the User upon presentation of the purchase invoice or summary of the order received by e-mail.

9) Protection of personal data

The information relating to the processing of personal data is contained in the privacy notice part of which the User declares that he has read and accepted the conditions at the time of subscription of the order.

All Users are encouraged to read the Privacy Statement, which is also applicable if you decide to access the Shimbaofficial website and use the services available on it without making any purchases. The Privacy Statement clarifies the ways and purposes for which Shimbaofficial collects and uses the personal data of Users.

For more information on how to treat your personal data, as it is set up on the website Shimbaofficial, the User may write to: Shimbaofficial. E-mail:

10) Intellectual property

All elements published on the Shimbaofficial website, including but not limited to: trademarks, logo, patterns, badges, images and sounds, videos and music, menus, web pages, graphics, colors Schemas, tools, fonts, site design, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions are protected by Shimbaofficial's copyright and trademark and any other intellectual property right.

These are the sole property of the Shimbaofficial company that can then take any legal action against those who, directly or indirectly, violate its intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to use or reproduce, even partial, any content contained on the website.

11) Content Disclaimer

Shimbaofficial is committed to preventing the publication on of content that describes or represents situations of physical or psychological violence or which, according to the user's sensitivity, could be considered a violation of convictions or civil and / or injurious rights ff dignity, in all its forms and expressions.

In any case, Shimbaofficial can not guarantee that such content is appropriate or lawful in countries other than Italy.

If such content is to be considered illicit or illegal in some of these countries, the User is not allowed to access

By accessing the site and using the services provided by Shimbaofficial, the User will be solely and personally liable.

Shimbaofficial adopts measures to ensure that site content is accurate, up-to-date and verified as much as possible.

12) Responsibility

Shimbaofficial Company assumes a medium-term obligation at all stages of contact with the User: access to the site, order processing, shipment or after-sale services. Therefore, Shimbaofficial can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damages arising from the use of the Internet, as a mere exemplifying and not exhaustive reference to: service interruption, external intrusion, presence of informatics viruses or facts that can be qualified as force majeure in accordance with the case-law.

Furthermore, Shimbaofficial can not be held liable for any breach of its contractual obligations if this is due to fortuitous or force majeure cases, including, but not limited to, strike, fire, catastrophe, breakdown and in general any event which prevents good execution of orders.

13) Warranty

With respect to defective products, the User may use the relevant regulations by returning the Product under the terms of this Conditions.

Shimbaofficial reserves the right to evaluate whether or not such defects exist and, if so, to replace the defective product.

14) Integrity

In the event that one of the clauses of this contract have been declared null by a legislative or judicial amendment, this will not affect the validity and compliance of these general sales conditions.

15) Duration

These Terms will apply throughout the duration of the online services offered by Shimbaofficial. The general terms and conditions of sale can be updated to make them compliant with new laws or regulations or internal company motives. The new terms and conditions will be effective from publication on

16) Applicable law and protection of rights

These terms and conditions of sale are governed by Italian law and, in particular, by the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005, No.206 on Distance Contracts and Legislative Decree No. 9 of April 9, 2003, concerning e-commerce matters.

In case of disagreement, the parties undertake to try to resolve any disputes out of court.

17) Ownership reserve

All products are subject to Shimbaofficial ownership reserve until full payment of the price.

I declare that I have read and agree to the terms of sale.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. N.1341 and n.1342 of the c.c. The User expressly accepts the contents of Articles 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 13, 14, 17 of these general terms and conditions of sales.